Board Members

Below is a list of our board and committee members for the 2023-2024 school year, as well as their position descriptions. Feel free to contact us with any questions/comments/concerns that you may have.


Beth Zeleznikar

Presides over all meetings. Attends monthly PTA Council and President’s meetings. Represents SECPTA at conventions, idea exchanges and other PTA functions.  Prepares agendas for Board and General Meetings. Serves as community contact for SECPTA.

First Vice President

Kelly Lukich

Sets up General Meeting location, speakers and programs, including organizing the annual Early Childhood Resource Fair.  Presides over Board and/or General Meetings if President is not present.  Attends monthly Board/General Meetings and annual budget/audit meetings.

Second Vice President

Michelle Hill

Sets up Board Meeting location.  Coordinates end of year Thank You/Installation Banquet/ceremonies that takes place following the April General Meeting. Purchases past president’s pin and has it engraved for presentation at Installation.  Presides over Board and/or General Meetings if President and 1st Vice- President are not present.  Attends monthly Board/General Meetings and annual budget/audit meetings.


Becky Jones

Takes minutes at Board and General Meetings. Ensures meeting minutes are posted to SECPTA website to be read and approved by the membership and provides copy of minutes to president. Attends monthly Board and General Meetings and annual budget/audit meetings.

Assistant Secretary

Katie Lewis

Assumes duties of Secretary if that officer is not present.


Cortni Russell

Custodian of SECPTA funds and ensures group is within budget.  Issues checks when necessary and balances checkbook/accounting books monthly.   Presents monthly financial report (including committee actual versus budgeted expenses) and prepares reports as required by Ohio PTA.  Attends monthly Board/General Meetings and annual budget/audit meetings.

Assistant Treasurer

Emily Montgomery

Assists the Treasurer in monthly duties and Board/General Meeting attendance, as necessary.  Assumes the duties of Treasurer if that officer is unable to perform them. 

Monthly Auditor

Amanda Balewski

Make sure financial reports balance and monthly audit paper is completed and signed off.

Council Delegate

Michelle Hill

Attends monthly PTA Council meetings and reports to group.  Serves on Council Founder’s Day Committee and coordinates Council Founder’s Day event.  Serves on Council Installation Committee, as necessary.  Attends monthly Board/General Meetings and annual budget/audit meetings.

Council Delegate Alternate

Ashley Jones-Sabree

Assumes the duties of the Council Delegate if that officer is unable to perform them.

Committee Chairs

Children and Parent Activities

Meg Kay and Amanda Balewski

Committee has at least 2 co-chairs.  Planning Co-Chair – Oversees planning of monthly Children’s and Parent’s activities from September through May (note:  planning begins in July), ensuring that a variety of events are planned and that events do not conflict with each other or with other SECPTA functions.  Trains committee members on scheduling events and getting reimbursed.  Prepares monthly activity descriptions for the newsletter.  Tracks budget and sets activity supplement amounts to stay within budget.  Plans activities as part of the committee.

Cheddar Up Activities

Thea Cerra

Sign-up Co-Chair – Creates monthly sign up in Cheddar Up. Collects, records and verifies sign-up information, working with members to resolve discrepancies as needed.  Communicates sign-up information to activity planners.  Works with the Treasurer to make deposits and refunds as needed.  Plans activities as part of the committee.


Amanda Malinowski

Organizes small groups of children and parents for the purpose of socializing. Attends the annual membership drive to promote playgroup participation. Holds signups in August and September. Groups are formed and begin meeting in early October. Maintains communication with participants throughout the year, adding new members to existing groups as new families join SECPTA.

Children’s Parties

Amanda Malinowski

Plans and executes up to two theme parties for member families depending on what the budget allows. 


Ashley McClellen

Plans and arranges all fundraising activities for the year.

Preschool Prom Co-Chairs

Mary Wiemels & Becky Jones

Plans and arranges funds for our largest fundraising event of the year, Preschool Prom.

Hospitality and Welcoming

Gina Baeslach

Arranges for bakers and beverages for General Meeting and sets up refreshment table. Greets members at General Meetings. Provides name tags and door prizes. Greets members at the annual membership drive.


Katie Lewis

Signs up new members and plans membership drive.  Inputs member data into current SECPTA software. Completes membership forms for the state.  Distributes volunteer names to the committees.  Tallies volunteer hours and submits a record of annual volunteer hours to Ohio PTA.  Distributes Membership Appreciation coupons. Maintains computer database of membership files, prints yearly roster.  Sends welcome email to all new members as they sign up.

Assistant Membership

Melissa Pastor

Assists with membership duties, particularly related to volunteer hours.


Courtney Rosen

Coordinates donations to local charitable organizations or individuals.  Coordinates service activities for member families.

Helping Hands

Ashley Kramer

Informs group of births, illnesses and deaths.  Arranges delivery of meal and/or gifts to members welcoming a new child in their home.  Arranges delivery of flower arrangement and/or sympathy card to members experiencing illness or death in the family.


Laura Huntington

Sets deadlines and acts as central collection point of all newsletter articles monthly. Creates newsletter.  Sends broadcast email of monthly newsletter to members, using list provided by Membership Chair.  Requires good computer skills.


Kathryn Scelina

Maintains Update links, images, and information as it becomes available. Add any new tabs as needed and put own creative spin on the website.

Social Media

Kristin Stucker

Maintains our public Facebook page Strongsville Early Childhood PTA.